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Welcome to Blush and Pine!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for dropping by Blush and Pine today! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Amber Primdahl and I am the owner of Blush and Pine. I also run a travel blog called Travel and Pictures.

So why did I start a new blog?

Well, I’ve been thinking of rebranding for years, but wasn’t exactly clear on what I wanted to do with a new brand, or what kind of brand I wanted. I did try to create a new website a few years ago as well which was going to be more lifestyle related, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I chose not to renew after the first year and moved the few blog posts I had made on it, over to Travel and Pictures.

I haven’t been able to travel much over the past few years, so I found I haven’t had much to write about. This year I haven’t even left the country once, but luckily I did spend a few days on the west coast of Canada, and a few months later moved to the east coast, so that did give me a bit more to write about. I love lifestyle blogs and I want to begin to stretch into that genre again, but it wouldn’t really make sense on a blog with a name so specifically travel. Even with this logic, I still was reluctant to begin a transition to a new brand.

Lately, I have been feeling a pull into coaching. I’ve been wanting to start up for about a year now, but I had no clue where or how to start, let alone how to make it part of a brand with my blogging. Well recently I was able to speak with a coach as I’ve been looking to further my knowledge in the field, and she was able to help me put together a coaching program and a few courses that I can share with you! So I’ve been working so hard to get these programs ready, and they should be ready to launch by the end of this week! I’m so thrilled, and after I began the coaching journey, it began to get clearer on how I can combine all of this into one brand, and so I got started right away!

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey, I’m so glad that you’re here!

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