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New Year New… Blog?

Hello Everyone, welcome to 2018!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are fresh and ready to take on 2018!
There are some big changes happening over here. Since 2013 I’ve been writing the blog Travel and Pictures. It all started when I was in college and it was a way to talk about my greatest passion, travel as well as to show my other greatest passion, photography. If you’re a long time reader however, you may have noticed that things have been very quiet over there during 2017. Well in 2017 life got in the way and I wasn’t able to travel much at all. In fact, I never left the country. Luckily I was able to spend a few days on the west coast, and I moved to the east coast which gave me a bit of content to roll with.
I have realized though, that it’s not enough.
I’m not someone who wants to live a nomadic lifestyle. I love traveling, but I love being at home too so I would love to balance life between the two. If I’m not traveling much though, that doesn’t give me a lot to write about on a travel blog.
That’s why I started this new blog, Blush and Pine! I still want to tell you and show you all of my travels, but I also want to share my life with you outside of travel.
I hope you’ll join me here for more travel posts, but also recipes, home decor, my weight loss journey, life routines and adventures.
Things are about to get more real on here and I’m sharing it all with you!

Happy New Year!

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