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Book Review: Big Magic

I have to say, I started out with really high hopes for the book Big Magic. I love Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the cover. I love the friend who recommended it to me. But I didn’t love the book.

It’s not that I don’t think the book was good, I just don’t feel that I was able to connect with it very much. The first chapter is about fear, which I enjoyed and found helpful. That was as good as it got for me however.

Big Magic is about living a creative life. I love that Elizabeth Gilbert is straight to the point, no sugar coating when it comes to being creative in life. She is very honest and draws from her personal life experiences and shares anecdotes from her life and stories of other creatives around her, and some from the past.

I definitely recommend this book to all creatives out there, because I find that everyone can connect with it in one way or another, and I’ve heard others singing it’s praises, so I don’t think this is one to be missed! 

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