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Feel Good Fridays #2

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week!!
This week has had some really touching moments hitting the internet, and I’m excited to once again share my favourite stories with you!
If you see any stories you’d like to see showcased in the Feel Good Fridays segment, send them our way!

Students Who Took Couple’s Honeymoon Story To Heart Take Action
Feel Good Fridays

How This Woman Replaced A Butterfly’s Critically Damaged Wing To Help It Fly
Feel Good Fridays

Good Samaritan Takes Off Boots, Gives Them To Homeless Man On CTA Train
Feel Good Fridays

Boy With Down Syndrome Who Only Knows 12 Words Learns To Speak By Singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’
Feel Good Fridays

Australian Father Hires Helicopter To Find Son Trapped For 30 Hours In Car Wreck After Police Say He ‘Probably Ran Away’
Feel Good Fridays


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