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Monday Blog Routine, Blog Schedule

My Monday Routine

Happy Monday, Loves!

I know Monday can be somewhat of a drag, and it can be a struggle to get yourself into the groove of the upcoming week. I thought it could be fun to tell you what I do to keep busy on a Monday in my little blogging world. The past few months have been my most productive in quite some time, and I love that I’m able to structure my day in a way that works for me, it definitely helps keep the Monday Blues at bay! My Monday’s probably don’t look nearly as productive as many other’s, but this is what’s been working for me on Mondays lately for my blog content!

Wake Up:

When I first wake up in the morning, it takes me a good 10 minutes to be able to function like a normal human being, I’m not at all a morning person no matter how hard I try! To wake up my brain, I check some of my social media apps, mainly Instagram and Facebook, then I move onto news apps to see if anything major has happened in the time I’ve been sleeping. I’m able to spare a bit of time in the morning in bed because I shower at night, as you’ll see farther down the list.

Get Ready:

Then I get ready as anyone does by getting dressed, brushing my hair etc. On a Monday I typically always wear my hair up so it’s out of my way, and it’s almost a guaranteed leggings day as well.

Coffee Run:

I always love doing a trip to Starbucks on a Monday. It’s nice to start the day with a bit of a drive, and the extra caffeine is a welcome boost to the day. On Monday I also splurge and get an apple fritter warmed up for breakfast! I find when I have this to look forward on Mondays, it helps keep me excited and positive about Monday! As for my drink, I either get a tall flat white or a tall caramel macchiato (although today I felt I needed the extra caffeine boost, so got a grande)!
Monday Blog Routine, Blog Schedule


Yes, I realize that watching tv first thing in the morning isn’t exactly productive, but I love watching Live with Kelly and Ryan. They’re always so fun and positive and I feel that it helps get me rolling on a positive note, so I spend some time watching them while I eat. Typically I only watch the first 10-15 minutes of them just chatting, then I’ll start with my day unless they have celebs on that I’m really into, then I’ll stick around for a longer portion of the episode!

Feed Dogs:

If the dogs haven’t been fed by this point, I’ll get their bowls ready and feed them, but honestly it’s normally been done by this point.

Work Begins:

Now I finally sit at my desk with my notes made for the post I want to write on this day. I begin writing the post, and I find lately I have to leave my phone on the other side of the room and physically sign out of Facebook on my computer so I’m not tempted to pop online every few minutes and stay productive, otherwise this takes a lot longer! Monday is an especially risky day for my procrastination! When I’m done the post, I’ll save it as a draft and will typically take photos later during the week. Once they’ve been edited and added to the post, then I’ll schedule the post for it’s publication date!
Monday Blog Routine, Blog Schedule

Social Media:

Now it’s around 1pm and I’ll typically put tv on in the background. If an episode is on that peaks my interest I’ll watch it, and pin at the same time, or work on my Instagram socializing. If it’s an episode that isn’t really up my alley, I’ll still work on the couch with the tv on mute while typically researching other methods I can implement into my blogging schedule, and reading other people’s blog posts. Typically during this time, the dogs like to come around for some snuggles as well, they’re really patient with me when I’m busier in the morning.


After focusing on social media, if I have some photos to edit for other drafted blog posts, I’ll start to edit those, resize them and place them in the posts.


I don’t really do much for lunch, so I have an early dinner most days in general around 4pm. I’ll switch over to Netflix at this point and watch whatever new shows have my interest (currently I’m bouncing between Grace and Frankie and The Crown)!

Work Out:

Once dinner has had a chance to digest, I do about an hour long workout, mostly pilates and some yoga. I always have to focus on keeping my back strong, but over the past few months I’ve been adding more workouts to my routine to help strengthen the rest of my body as well now that my back is able to handle it (for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain since May 2016). So working out has become a mandatory part of my daily life. I was also doing 30-60 minutes of walking daily during the warmer months, but I’ve definitely cut down now that it’s winter, but will still make an effort on the warmer days!


Now it when I shower. It’s great to feel fresh right after the workout, but it’s also a huge time saver in the mornings as I mentioned earlier!


Finally, I either catch whatever show is on that night, or get back to my Netflix-ing until it’s time for bed. Or if I’m really into a good book, I’ll take this time to unwind while reading! Sometimes if it’s a book about business, I get too excited to put it down and end up going to bed really late.

Anyways, that’s what a typical Monday looks like for me these days! What do you do on Mondays? Do you struggle with the Monday Blues? Let me know below!!
Monday Blog Routine, Blog Schedule

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