Blush and Pine


These days everyone is taking pictures. Whether it’s pictures of your family, for your blog, or just for your Instagram page, there are always ways to improve your photos. 

If you’re currently looking to upgrade your photography style, look no more! My course offers a basic lesson set up, but then is tailored to your style, skill set, and what equipment is available to you. Even if you’re just starting with a smart phone, this course has much to offer you! 

Over our hour together, we will touch on things like:

  • Functions of your current equipment
  • The importance of exposure
  • Rule of thirds
  • Depth of Field
  • The importance of stability
  • Editing
  • Go over some of your best photos and talk about how they can be improved for next time

Investment: $297

All payments to be made via PayPal.

Email to set up your appointment!


If you are interested in our Beginner Blogging course, purchase them both for a total of $494! (A $100 saving!)